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"Bringing you a daily AI-powered nudge to challenge and inspire your thinking!"
- AI Wix Text Editor

I am motivated by the dynamic and fast-paced worlds of commerce, advertising, and digital networking. I decided to start a project where I record and capture interesting prompts, and each day I share an AI-crafted prompt and juxtapose the responses generated by Bard and ChatGPT.


This is purely an experiment, and I am not really sure where it will go. But that's the whole point. I strongly believe that we can all use AI to explore our own creativity, enhance problem-solving skills, improve writing proficiency, and engage in meaningful self-reflection. AI will not replace human creativity. Instead, it will augment our creativity by assisting us in generating ideas, analyzing data, and providing insights, allowing us to push the boundaries of our creativity even further. AI is a complement to our day-to-day, and those who fail to embrace it may be left behind. Time will tell.


Through daily experimentation with different prompts, I hope to showcase the benefits (and flaws) of trying out new perspectives and approaches, specifically with natural language processing and machine learning algorithms. By sharing my own experiences and (potentially) reflections, I aim to encourage others to challenge themselves to do more with the AI that is exploding all around us.


I hope you enjoy experimenting with this as much as I do. 



Britt - head shot_edited.jpg

I am Britt Teravainen, a marketing professional with over 20 years of experience in both client and agency settings. My expertise lies in marketing strategy, performance marketing, media, and technology. As a player coach, I work alongside my team and have a proven track record of delivering strategies that increase ROI. I am always on top of emerging trends and identify new platforms and opportunities to achieve business goals.

Aside from my well-rounded marketing career, I am also a passionate educator. I have spent years consulting and teaching teams, clients, and even some of the brightest minds from Harvard University about all things digital marketing and advertising strategy. I have been awarded a commendation for distinguished teaching performance and for being a top-rated instructor for my course on Digital Marketing Strategy at Harvard University Extension School.

With my skills in marketing strategy, demand generation, digital marketing, social media strategy, paid social media, content marketing, thought leadership, marketing technology, ad operations, analytics & measurement, team management/mentoring, and B2B/B2B/B2BC, I am a true asset to any team looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

That was a pretty long "humble brag"... if you like that sort of thing, or just want more details about me, you can check out my LinkedIn Profile.

Britt Teravainen

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